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Enhance your flavours with Jubilee Foods naturally flavoured Olive Oils

Now that Easter is over and figolli are a history for this year, we start monitoring the calories. Soon we will be looking for that tan, that we lost over the Winter months. Salads and light food will become our daily diet. Some will say that such food is boring and lacks taste. However, with a simple naturally herb infused oil, a grilled chicken breast will taste differently with a dash of Rosemary Olive Oil. Or plain boiled rice will be enriched with a splash of Black Truffle Olive Oil. A greens salad with sliced tomatoes with some Basil Oil will take you for a short trip to Puglia. And what about the Lemon Oil… Great on fish and with a lentils and barley salad.  Stop by at any of Jubilee Foods shop and check out our variety of Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Recipe Cards are available with our compliments!

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