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Surprise your Mum with Jubilee Foods Mother’s Day Special Gift

This year, on May 8th, the world celebrates Mother’s Day, although we truly should be thankful to our Mothers’ for love, support, aspiration and much more.
For this special occasion, we are launching our new Pasta Sauces and Dips. The sauces include
Café Jubilee most popular pasta sauce, Jubilee Sauce. Heat this sauce in a saucepan and add some cream to finish the sauce.
Tomato and Basil perfect for the Nanna’s Ravioli and or your preferred pasta.
The new Artichoke & Lemon Sauce, a well balanced lemony sauce, which compliments well the Denci Ravioli. Perhaps, you want to add some cream to it as it is a condensed sauce.

It is already getting warm and soon it will be time for BBQs and days at the beach. How about a Bruschetta Dip with a mixture of Sundried Tomatoes, Capers, Olives… It is great to have a spoonful mixed with your salad, or spread some on a fresh piece of Maltese Bread or just grab a “gallett” and dip it in this refreshing concoction.

How about Bigilla with that hint of garlic! Add some olive oil and enjoy!

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